We are providing uplifting moments
to your work and life.

We offer various benefits
to make your time with us more valuable.


Each person may have different
environment to focus on.
You can find your
best way of work at Hyundai.

  • 1Selective Working Hours

    We provide an immersive work environment where you can freely choose your working
    hour depending on your situation
    (aside from the core working hours which is from 10am-4pm daily).

  • 2Remote Office

    We operate total of 8 remote offices ("H-Work Station") within the Seoul/Gyeonggi area which
    help reduce commute time and support employees' various working patterns.

  • 3Working from home

    Working from home is quickly becoming the mainstream way of
    working. We offer necessary office supplies and infrastructure to help
    you work from home.

  • 4Various Resting Areas

    We offer massage chairs and
    resting areas to provide proper rest
    opportunities within worksites.

  • 5Commuting Support

    We provide safe and comfortable
    commute bus in consideration of
    various worksites and offices around the nation.

  • 6Meal/Snack Support

    Snack corners and cafeterias are available to provide within
    every worksite.


In order to fully be your true self,
we connect you to safe and healthy lifestyle.

Vacation/Leisure Support

We support you
with time to reflect and refresh by offering various types of paid leaves and leisure services

  • Support up to 10-day congratulations-and-condolences leave and 5-day summer leaves that can be freely used
  • 3 weeks of paid leave (Leadership Building Break) upon promotionas a senior employee
  • Monetary points to support leisure activities that can be used for traveling, cultural exhibitions, health management and
  • Operation of four-season recreation centers at renowned hotels and resorts across the nation

Life Support

We support
in order to ensure employees to lead a stable life.

  • Support of long-term low-interest loans for housing subsidy, and provide company housing and dormitory if needed
  • Discount on vehicle price and repair costs when an automobile is purchased by employees,
       and operation of self-maintenance station for vehicle maintenance
  • Tuition support to mitigate burdens of your child's educational costs

Support for Health/Safety

We support
health and safety in daily life for physical
and mental health of members.

  • Operation of gymnasium and medical clincs/pharmacy
       within worksites to ensure employees' health and wellness
  • Provide regular medical examination and group insurance policy
  • Support medical costs for disease and injury of employees and their family

Work and Life Balance

Creation of a family through childbirth and child-rearing represents healthy responsibility for the future.
We promise to fully support you in such journey.

  • 90 days of materinity leave is available for female employees and 10 days for male employees upon childbirth
  • Up tp 2 years of parental leave is available per child
  • Childcare centers, managed by professionally entrusted agencies, are available within worksites.
  • Support of family trips (food and accommodation for up to 2 nights/3 days)
       to mitigate the burden of childbirth and child-rearing as well as to congratulate the birth of new family member
  • 3 days of annual leave for employees who go through infertility treatments